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  • Additional Director, IQAC
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Position Overview

This is a position which requires greater than average capability in managing and coordinating the activities. The position is responsible for managing the accreditation program which includes reviewing, interpreting and implementing amended and/or new accreditation standards and determining the gaps in order to remain compliant with different Accreditation bodies. The candidate is to work in conjunction with the Director of IQAC.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Administer all accreditation and re-accreditation processes through ensuring compliance with standards developed by state and national accrediting bodies (as applicable).
2. Have to work with the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) for accreditation of different programs.
3. Work with Accreditation Manual for engineering programs.
4. Prepare every single document according to the checklist before the team inspection and beyond the whole accreditation process begins.
5. Supervise and manage academic staff assigned to the accreditation and staff inspection unit.
6. Processing and interpreting of complex, opaquely-defined issues relating to the accreditation standards and processes which require utilizing knowledge and experience of the process with considerable latitude to complete critical tasks.
7. Skill to analyze and define problems, find alternative solutions, estimate consequences of proposed actions, and implement solutions that support overall goal achievement within the departments.
8. Ability in Outcome-Based Learning programs and work with different learning units.
9. Work with different global organizations such as ACBSP, AACSB, ADET.
10. Dynamic with whole accreditation processes.
11. Ability to analyze facts and exercise sound judgment.
12. Handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
13. Perform any other work assigned by the top management.

Besides these, the candidate is required to –
1. Work independently and as part of a team.
2. Should have a positive attitude and team spirit.
3. Ability to make independent decisions.
4. Ability to exercise a high degree of confidentiality and integrity.
5. And the willingness to work under pressure.

AND such other duties as are within the scope of the spirit of the job purpose, the title of the post and its grading.

Person Specification

Education/Qualifications Master Degree in Business, Public Administration or related fields. Candidates with PhD degrees shall be preferred.

Having completed training as an Accreditation Manager.

Preferable Knowledge of any other foreign language.
Teaching Experience Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access), Adobe Acrobat and other specialized software operating in the Windows environment, i.e., PowerDMS.

Must have exceptional writing and verbal communication skills.

Fluent in Bengali and English languages.

Ability to Analyze program that requires an outcome-based learning approach.
Knowledge of file management and electronic record-keeping procedures.
Applied Research
Job Related Skills and Capabilities Ability to link with respective departments.

Monitor activities of academics and students in respect to compliance with quality enhancement and assurance of learning.

Recording of data and activities.

Analyze data and preparation of reports.
Evidence of successful external network.
Interpersonal Skills Commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Good organizational and management skills.
Experience of mentoring or supporting more junior or less experienced colleagues.
Other Requirements Willingness to travel abroad to undertake administrative and related activities related to the role.

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Additional director, iqac

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