Lecturer of electronics and telecommunication engineering


  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Lecturer
  • Full-Time

Position Overview


Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. To take responsibility for the development and delivery of learning, teaching materials, and assessment.
2. To ensure that students have an effective learning experience by providing high quality academic guidance.
3. To undertake professional development in support of teaching and applied research, and if appropriate in support of student welfare and curriculum management.

4. Beside these the candidate is required to -
A. Maintain academic discipline, Performance monitoring of junior teachers, Maintain students records in the University management system, Member as a thesis defense panel and thesis supervision committee.
B. Prepare and modify the course syllabus and course outlines.
C. Conduct research in different areas and publishes findings in scholarly journals.
D. Perform academic administration & other activities as required (exam proctoring, viva conducting, registration duty etc.)
E. Meet with and reports the activities to the Vice-Chancellor/President of the University/top Management
F. Assess students which include setting and marking assignments, class tests and term papers/project works.
G. Undertake any other duties as determined by the University of Management and the Vice Chancellor.

AND such other duties as are within the scope of the spirit of the job purpose, the title of the post and its grading.

Supervision Given
Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Instructors, and Research Associates as appropriate.
Salary Range: Tk. 27050 – Tk. 44939

Person Specification

Education / Qualifications Must have a Master degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with 4 years Bachelor degree from any recognized University. Research and relevant publications.

PhD candidates are preferred.
Teaching Experience Must have 3 years teaching experience. Evidence of communication to the wider student experience e. g. in employability/ enterprise initiatives, student welfare.
Job Related Skills and Capabilities Ability to work independently, to take the initiative, and to innovate ability to identity and secure opportunities for development of the Department/ University.

Suitable level of proficiency in ICT and understanding of its application to teaching, learning and applied research.
Evidence of successful external network.
Interpersonal Skills Effective oral and written communication skills in both individual and group situations.

Ability to lead and work as a member of a team of group.

Ability to relate to students with diverse backgrounds, ages and experience.
Experience of mentoring or supporting more junior or less experienced colleagues.
Other Requirements Willing to undertake academic activities in the evening when necessary.

Willingness to travel abroad to undertake academic and related activities.

Must have knowledge in initiating and development of laboratory facilities for facilitating
Competence in more than one language.

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Lecturer of electronics and telecommunication engineering

How to apply

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